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Halo - A symbol of enlightened or saintly beings, depicted as a ring of light around the person's head or surrounding the entire person. As tattoos the halo can adorn any symbol such as a crown or sacred heart but it is also used on top of a portrait of a person or pet that has deceased thus suggesting that they are still with them in spirit.

Hammer and Sickle - A symbol of Russian communists. It can be depicted as black work or against the backdrop of a red flag. Like the symbol of Che Guevara it has been adopted by westerners with no interest in communist ideology although many American tattoo artists will refuse to tattoo the Hammer and Sickle for patriotic reasons.

Han - Otherwise known as the hand chop. It is a signature seal carved onto a block of wood serving as a stamp or seal. It is a popular form of tattoo in the Japanese tradition.

Harley Davidson - The Harley Davidson motorcycle has become an icon of American freedom. They are a hugely popular design and not just amongst American bikers but Harley riders the world over. It can be depicted as the Harley Davidson logo on its own or complete with an American Eagle and flag in the background.

Harp - Harps are usually associated with the Irish. Before the changeover to EU currency it was displayed on all Irish coins and is used by the Irish Government as an official seal. It is a common tattoo amongst those of Irish extraction as a symbol or resistance and national pride.

Harpy - In Greek mythology these were evil spirits depicted as winged creatures with sharp claws that have the body of birds and heads of women. They are similar to succubi in that they take the souls or spirits of men.

Heart - As a tattoo it is associated with the bio-mechanical form of tattoos. It is usually placed in the actual spot where the real heart would be as if being looked at through an x-ray. It is also popular amongst people who have been through heart operations to remind them of their successful heart surgery and recovery.

Heart Symbol - Possible one of the most popular form of tattoos. The symbol of the heart is etched deeply in the human psyche across nearly all cultures. It can appear in many different forms such as the Sacred Heart or the Pierced Heart. In old school tattoos it is sometimes shown with a banner going across with a persons name written on it. In the new school tradition of tattooing it can be represented with a crown above it or surrounded by flames.

Heart with Dagger - This is an old school form of tattoo common amongst servicemen but has become popular once again. It can symbolize hurt in love and also jealousy.

Heart with Flames - This is a form of tattoo that can express passion for a particular person. Fire has long been associated with lust and passion and the heart is a symbol of love.

Heart with Mom Banner - This is the tattoo that comes to peoples minds when they think of the stereotypical tattoo. Even though it is seen as a clich� many people still get it. It has come full circle and takes it place amongst daggers and skulls as the quintessential western tattoos.

Hei Tiki - This is a symbol of protection amongst the Maori tribes of New Zealand or Aotearoa (Land of the Long White Cloud). It is depicted as an unborn fetus with head tilted to one side. It is used as a form of protection by expecting Maori women.

Hell's Angels - A notorious motorcycle gang at one time originating in the United States. They are usually depicted wearing world war two clothing and helmets and their logo is the skull with horns.

Hobbits - Popular tattoos in the fantasy tattoo tradition. They are small human-like beings that live in 'Middle Earth' from the epic tale 'The Lord of the Rings' created by J.R.R. Tolkien.

Homeward Bound - A popular maritime tattoo in the old school tradition. It is usually depicted as a clipper ship with full sails with a banner which displays 'homeward bound' although sometimes it can depict an anchor.

Horse - Horses can mean many different things such as strength and also nobility. In history, people mounted on horses are seen as being powerful.

Horseshoe - This is a well known symbol of good luck and has been adopted by the neo traditional school of tattoos. The idea was that the horseshoe pointing upwards protected a person�s house and kept all the good luck in.

Horus - An Egyptian symbol depicted as a falcon headed god. In the myth Horus' eye was ripped out but was reconstructed.

Hula Girl - A once popular form of tattoo amongst sailors, it usually meant that the sailor had been to Hawaii. The Hula Girl is depicted as a pin up style girl wearing the traditional Hawaiian hula skirt and garland.