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Some parents show their love by getting tattoos that honor their kids - By Mary Meehan

When Matt Beaulieu imagined the birth of his first son, he thought: "Pig." Actually, he thought "golden pig", as in the designation in the Chinese calendar that comes around just once every 60 years. So when the fortuitous point in history ¬coincided with the arrival of Herschleb Ewan Beaulieu last summer, the new dad devised a design for a tattoo. click to read the full article

"Peck Sets World Record In 24 Hour Tattooing"

Peck secured a record in Guinness World Records by drawing the most tattoos in a 24-hour period.

Oliver Peck, a Dallas-based tattoo artist, finished 415 tattoos of the number 13, applying them on hands, legs, ankles, backs, groins and backsides of the lucky tattooees.

Peck secured a record in Guinness World Records by drawing the most tattoos in a 24-hour period, world media report. Former record was set by Katherine Von Drachenber, aka Kat Von D, star of LA Ink reality TV show. click to read the full article

"Double Take: Piercing better than tattoo for teens"

By Dr. Wes Crenshaw & Julia Davidson - June 10, 2008

Dear Dr. Wes and Julia:

What’s your opinion on kids getting tattoos or body piercing under the age of 18? My mom is totally against it, even though she knows its much more common now and not a sign that you are low class or something. This is just a way I want to express myself and I see this as her being controlling. click to read the full article


From Dr. Phil to gay unicorns, the new book No Regrets looks at the worst tattoos on the planet By Aviva Yael and P.M. Chen

These are 10 of the worst tattoos I have ever seen. If you need a good laugh today, check out these designs!! click to read the full article

"Michigan State University researcher creates system helping police to match tattoos to suspects"

An example (on site) of two similar tattoos that can be automatically retrieved by using a software program developed by an MSU researcher. Below is an example of two dissimilar tattoos. Photos courtesy of the MSU College of Engineering.

EAST LANSING, Mich. — A Michigan State University researcher has created an automatic image retrieval system, whereby law enforcement agencies will be able to match scars, marks and tattoos to identify suspects and victims. click to read the full article

"Flesh Tones"

By S. INDRAMALAR-- Tattoos are still the preferred form of self-expression among Malaysians who have yet to embrace extreme body modification. THE days when tattoos belonged solely on the arms of old salts, biker dudes, felons, punk rockers or painted women have long passed. These days, if you do not sport a tattoo or a piercing, you are likely to be the odd one out, or so it seems. click to read the full article

"Tattoo School Isn't Just for Kids Anymore"

Albany, NY, May 05, 2008 --( Tired of wondering if the corporate ladder is going to collapse while you’re still climbing it? Is the dread of facing another work week getting bigger and bigger?

Well, you're not alone.

Join the growing flock of people that are yearning for, and seeking out alternatives in lifestyle and employment.

Meet Olesh Kaye , a sixty-two year old man from Tel Aviv, Israel. He is a successful architect that has a large established practice in Israel. Olesh is currently a student at Tattoos By Lisa Tattoo School in upstate New York. When asked why he wants to be a tattoo artist he shrugs and says "32 years in architecture is enough!" click to read the full article

"Tattoos leaving a larger mark on society"

Anna Webster - Issue date: 4/29/08

Tattoos of a tamarin monkey, a DNA strand and a sifaka lemur catch students' attention as anthropology professor Richard Lawler gestures during lectures; the forearm ink represents educational milestones - and academia's increased acceptance of body art. Once considered the marks of misfits and sailors, tattoos are becoming more publicly accepted and widespread in the college community, Boston University students and faculty said. A 2006 Pew Research Center survey showed that 36 percent of 18- to 25-year-olds have a tattoo; 40 percent of 26- to 40-year-olds reported going under the needle. click to read the full article

"If You're Considering a Tattoo, Read This"

By Lindsay Lyon - Posted April 15, 2008

Tattoos may deposit more than color underneath the skin. Like car paint pigments. And lead. These are just a couple of the substances that scientists have discovered taint some tattoo inks, raising safety concerns over the widely popular but loosely regulated industry. "Consumers should be aware of the fact that we really don't know what's being injected," warns Linda Katz, director of the Office of Cosmetics and Colors at the Food and Drug Administration. At the moment, the FDA doesn't regulate the inks and pigments used by tattoo artists, even though it's within the agency's authority to do so, and no inks or pigments have been approved for injection. While state and local authorities do oversee the practice, their rules vary, and they're mainly concerned with ensuring sanitation, experts say. click to read the full article

"Ink law sticks" - The Senate kills a bill to deregulate the tattoo industry

By Mark Niesse - Associated Press

Hawaii tattoo artists claimed victory yesterday for the safe and professional marking of the human body.

After hearing their protests, state senators decided to kill a measure passed by the House that would have deregulated the tattoo industry, allowing anyone to make tattoos, even without training. click to read the full article

"You are never too old to get a tattoo" The Timaru Herald, Wed., 02 April 2008
Mrs Mills yesterday took wild to a new level when she stepped inside 4Skin Tattoo and Piercing parlour, just days after her 60th birthday. "My mother died before she was 60 and had never had the chance to do anything for herself. I thought that's not going to be me, I'm going to live for the moment and do something wild." click to read the full article

LA Ink "star" Kat Von D has finalized a divorce, made and dumped a "soul mate," and hooked up with yet another new love all within the past half-year or so. Maneater! Her latest conquest is Nikki Sixx of Motley Crue.
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Ultrasonic tattoo eraser for painless removal of body art - March 18th, 2008
Removing tattoos may soon be easy, painless and risk free, thanks to researchers at the University of Pittsburgh, USA, who have come up with an ultrasonic tattoo eraser. click to read the full article

Tattooists Turn Scars into Butterflies - Written by Andrew Kersey - Saturday, 08 March 2008
Looking to dress up a scar? Turn it into a butterfly. Or a lizard. Many people, especially women who have had mastectomies or other surgeries, are electing to do just that. Some tattoo artists welcome the challenge. Click to read the full article

See world's first eyeball tattoo - By DAVE MASTERS - Published: 27 Feb 2008 - SQUEAMISH readers might want to look away now as we unveil the world's first ever EYEBALL TATTOO.
The freaky procedure was carried out to turn a body-art fan's eye blue. And it took FORTY insertions of the needle to get the job done. Click to read full article and see pictures

Tattoo shop inspection records available online - 2/25/2008 - Now those looking to get a tattoo or body piercing in Boulder County have another resource. Boulder County Public Health (BCPH) has launched a new web page to help residents and industry professionals make informed decisions about body art facilities in the county that provide tattoos and piercings. The web site provides important information about body art procedures and risks; it also features public access to body art inspections of facilities in Boulder County. Click to read full article

Feb 17th - Major drama going on right now between Kat Von D and her former boyfriend Steve-O of Jackass fame. And in typical fashion, it is all being aired out in public on Myspace. .. Click To Read Full Article

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SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 News) - The buzz of electronic ink pens could be heard throughout the Salt Palace Convention Center. The fifth-annual Salt Lake City International Tattoo Convention runs through Sunday night. 79 booths with names like Inkrat Tattoo are doing business there Click to Read Full Article

Feb 12th - ROCHESTER, N.Y.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Tattoos are a much discussed form of body art. Who has them? How many do they have and what do they mean? And, what does having a tattoo make people feel/do differently? Currently, 14 percent of the population says they have a tattoo, just slightly down from 2003, when 16 percent had a tattoo. Certain groups are more likely to have a tattoo then others. One in five (20%) of those who live in the West have a tattoo, compared to just 10 percent of those who live in the Midwest. Click to Read Full Article